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Mission Statement

Angel's Animal Rescue Society will provide a safe-haven for dogs (and other animals) that have been abused, abandoned and neglected. By methods of rehabilitation, we will help them find their canine-selves, a balanced state of mind, and the ability to adapt well to their new home. Angel's Animal Rescue Society will offer the human breed a place to learn communication, care and compassion for and from the animals that reside there.

Their education will be instrumental in "Breaking the Chains of Abuse".

Animals Available For Adoption

  • Benny Neutered Male Age Approximately 2 Years Old


    Benny is approximately 2 years old, neutered male, Shepherd cross.  He is a nervous boy and needs a gentle, quiet home with a confident female canine companion.  Benny would do best in a home without children and not in the city.

  • Buck Neutered Male Age 2 Years


    Buck is a real love, very devoted to his person, extremely affectionate.  He enjoys long walks and lots of snuggles.

  • Spayed Female Age Adult


    Buffet has made it from the streets of Mexico to Canada.  Although we rescue locally, Buffet was one of the lucky ones.  She is friendly but can be shy.  She is wonderful with all dogs and cats, travels well and is housetrained.  Buffet is approximately 40lbs.

  • CiCi Spayed Female Age Approximately 1 Year Old


    CiCi is approximately 1 year old, spayed female, Mixed breed.  Until now, she has just roamed and not belonged anywhere.  She is a Border Collie cross, medium size.  CiCi is kind, gentle, mild mannered and a playful, happy girl.  She will need basic training and life experience.

  • Cutie-Pie Female Age Adult


    Cutie Pie is available for adoption to the right home.  She is well mannered, house-trained, likes car rides and belly rubs.  She is kind and gentle with her human friends.  Her canine and other social skills are still unknown at this time.  She likes to be inside, warm and cozy, but she loves her play time outside with her ball and tug a rope.

  • Girlie Spayed Female Age Approximately 2 Years Old


    Girlie is approximately 2 years old, spayed female, Black Lab, Border Collie and Rotti cross.  She would love a calm, male canine companion to keep her company.  Girlie is timid and a gentle human would suit her best.  She is kind and loving and will excel in a quiet home.  She would do well on an acreage or in a rural setting.  Sadly, Girlie has bad knees so she will need a less active family and one that can accept that she has limitations.

  • Handsome Neutered Male Age Approximately 1 Year Old


    ADOPTION PENDING! Handsome is approximately 1 year old, neutered male, Rottweiler cross.  He is a love, great with other dogs and with kids.  Handsome will need life experiences and a gentle, caring home.  He does have a docked tail. 

  • Honey Spayed Female Age Approximately 1 1/2 Years Old


    ADOPTION PENDING! Honey is approximately 1 1/2 years old, spayed female, Pitty cross.  She is wonderful with other dogs and kids, very playful, walks well on or off leash and always comes when called.  Honey is extremely affectionate and needs a gentle and loving person.

  • Juliet Spayed female Age 1.5 years


    Juliet is, enjoying learning new life experiences, is kind and trustworthy.

  • Keeper Neutered Male Age Adult


    Keeper is an adult, neutered male, Coon Hound.  He is the brother to Max, who is also available for adoption.  Keeper is house trained and very loving.  He is currently recovering from his injuries (see "Rescues") but is almost ready for his new family.  Keeper is good with other dogs and with children.  He will require basic training and would do best in a rural environment and an active home.

  • Minnie Neutered Male Age Young Adult


    Minnie is a young adult, neutered male, mixed breed.  He is a beautiful little boy and is approximately 15lbs.  He is very sweet, shy at first but playful and happy when he knows he is safe.  A quiet, happy home is necessary.

  • Quig Male Age Adult


    *** COURTESTY POSTING ***  Quiggly is not with Angel's.  He is currently residing at a First Nations reserve and is in desperate need of being re-homed.  He is a big boy, friendly and good with most other dogs.  He is currently not neutered and must be neutered upon adoption.  Please call or email Angel's for more information.

  • Rosco Neutered Male Age Adult


    Rosco is an adult, neutered male, Border Collie cross.  He is a happy boy...more info to come as we get to know him!

  • Scarlette Spayed Female Age Approximately 1 Year Old


    Scarlette is approximately 1 year old, spayed female, Husky / Malamute cross.  She weighs approximately 50 lbs.  She is very sweet, slightly timid, affectionate and loyal.  Scarlette will require her basic training, life experiences, a canine companion and a rural environment.

  • Snuggles Neutered Male Age Adult


    Snuggles is an adult, neutered male, Australian Shepherd.  He is gentle and affectionate.  More info to come as we get to know him!

  • Storm Age Approximately 1 Year old


    Storm is approximately 1 year old, Flatcoat Retreiver / Border Collie cross.  Very affectionate and gentle and is great with all dogs.

  • Tikaani Spayed Female Age Approximately 1 Year Old


    Tikaani is approximately 1 year old, spayed female, Husky / Malamute cross.  She is the sister to Scarlette.  She is kind, sweet, gentle, slightly timid and loyal and loves her people and children.  Tikaanie walks nice on a leash and knows some of her basic commands.  She will require life experiences, a gentle person, a canine friend and a rural environment.

  • Timber Neutered Male Age Approximately 1 Year old


    Timber is approximately 1 year old, neutered male, Timber Wolf cross.  He is extremely affectionate, kind and gentle.  Timber is very playful and great with other dogs.  He will need a rural environment and a canine pal.  No city homes, please!

  • Tri-Coloured Babies 5 Male, 3 Female Age Babies

    Tri-Coloured Babies

    8 Tri-Coloured Border Collie cross babies.  They will be available for adoption at 12 weeks of age.  Two are tri-coloured and six are black and brown.  Their Mama is not available for adoption but we have had experience with her babies in the past and they were all sweet and mild mannered.  These babies will be vaccinated at 6 weeks and then again at 10 weeks.  

  • Willow Female Age Approximately 2 Years Old


    I try really hard to please my people.  I am not too big....around 40lbs and just 2 years of age!  I am house trained and a good girl indoors.  I would do best on an acreage with a canine friend.  I am good with horses, but I don't really care for chickens and smaller animals.  I would love to accompany you on your horse back rides, cycling, jogging or any other high energy activities you want to do!

  • Zach Neutered Male Age Approximately 1 Year Old


    Zach is approximately 1 year old, neutered male, mixed breed.  He is now happy, healthly (see our rescues page) and ready to find a loving, forever home.  Zach is outgoing and loves to hug.  He is mostly good with other dogs, just a little protective of his food still.  He is extremely affectionate and kind.

  • Zip Age 1 year


    I am just a year old and until now I have lived life on a very short rope with little to no attention.  I was only fed and watered when they remembered.  Now, I am looking for a family to teach me all about life!  I try really hard and will do my best to always please you.  Just be patient with me for a little while and we can be best friends!

Adoptions to date


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We feel so fortunate to have been granted by Pepsi this opportunity to better the lives of our rescues by being able to provide for them the comfort of indoor facilities with heated floors. We also thank all of our supporters and your compassionate hearts for making this grant possible.

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